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Im feeling shaky

Hey folks, I been off my medication, for my thyroid since June 30, and now I'm feeling shaky. I feel irritable, sweaty and just plain not feeling like myself. Well it seems I have a lot going on. Don't I? I'm trying my best to stay in a good mood. And if I can't I will just go to my room and hide from everyone. It may sound drastic, but it's all I can do, to keep from putting my misery, on everyone else. Did I mention that I had my test done, to see the levels in my thyroid. I got to see the pictures of my thyroid too! It's enlarged and I hated getting the pictures done. It was like 15 minutes of torture. I had to lay down and have a pillow pushed under my shoulders. My neck was hanging back and my shoulders hurt the whole time.

Now that it's over I feel better and I never want to do that again. Never!. And so now, I will wait for the appointment to get the pill. Yes, it's a pill they give you with the right dosage amount. Why did I think, they were going to inject me with something. IDK. I feel so hot today and I'm not even outside. The air conditioner is on blast. LOL! Ok, Let me just say I hope, that you are feeling well. And if your not, I hope you will feel better soon. All the best to you. take care, and see ya soon!


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