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Have you tried Blackberries?

Have you tried Blackberries? Well maybe you haven't tried them or are not familiar with them. I grew up, in a rural area, in Germantown, Maryland back then, it was called living in the country. I loved living there, because as a child we played outside all the time. We ran across the fields, playing games and we picked berries in the fields.  One of the berries we picked was blackberries and while picking we ate mouthfuls of these berries. My grandma would give us large buckets to go in the fields and pick these berries.

When we were finished picking the blackberries, she would make preserves, jams and jellies. My grandma made everything homemade and I would love to taste everything she made. She had apples trees, pear tree, plum trees, peach tree and a grape vine. She also had two gardens, in which she grew vegetables.  I felt this was the greatest place to live and I loved my grandma more than anything. My grandma would share out some, of the berries for us to eat, after all we did lots of picking. She would give us a cup, of berries with some sugar, on top of them.

Did we know that eating blackberries were healthy for us? No not at all. We only knew how great they tasted. Blackberries have antioxidants which are beneficial, in preventing heart disease and cancer. You may be able to find these berries at a farmers market. Sometimes you can also find them, in health food stores, or you may live near a farm where berries grow. If you try them you will be benefiting your health and also getting a great tasting blackberry. Enjoy!


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